Thursday, January 17, 2008

Affordable, Cost effective Advertising and Marketing

Getting your product and service out into the market effectively requires great market research to understand the target audience. This can be achieved several ways beginning by understanding the vision of the producer of these services and products.

Once the direction and drive of a business is established it is now a matter of defining the target market, ie demographics and their tendencies. With the mainstream media readily available to us setting up highly targeted and result oriented marketing campaigns is relatively easy.

Tools like Google Adsense enable producers of products/services to reach their audience with the accuracy of a laser targeted beam! It is a revolution that every business should take full advantage of and prepare themselves for the major shift of online marketing that is taking place now.

With over 75% of Americans shopping online and researching products and services online to gather information that they need to make a purchase, it is worthwhile for business to invest in creative online marketing campaigns.

Two ways to do this; buy books to educate yourself on online marketing ie THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GOOGLE ADWORDS. How to access 100 Million people in 10 minutes" Below is the link;

Invest in reading these materials and many more on this topic which is going to remain and come up on more talk shows in the coming years.

Secondly you can choose to enlist the services of professional online marketers and/or design firms which have taken the time to learn and implement these mediums with great success. You pay them a small fee for their services and in return you get guaranteed results, visitors who are converted to buyers of your services and products.

Best Regards,
Patrick Kiuru
Kreative/ business Development
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